Tallinn, Estonia – The Seaweed Ceremony


Students from three schools created ‘The Seaweed Ceremony’, a joint exhibition of their seaweed-related research projects at the Põhjala factory premises in Tallinn, Estonia. Seaweed traditions are in decline in many parts of the Nordic-Baltic region, so the exhibition sought to revive these, serving as a public platform for dialogues about seaweeds and their role in our ecosystem.

Aalto University student Elise Piquemal presented her performance ‘Seaweed Ceremony’. The ritualistic performance was based on the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, using only ingredients that are extracted from seaweed. Estonian Public Broadcasting featured ‘The Seaweed Ceremony’ in their evening television news programme:


The exhibition design was developed and realised by BA interior architecture course students.

This project funded by Nordplus .


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