Sleepy Islands


( This project was part of a collection funded by Nordplus. )

Session #5 was an intensive working session on the Svefneyjar islands (Sleepy Islands) in Iceland, involving project partners from  Estonian Academy of Arts, Aalto University, Iceland University of the Arts as well as two graphic designers. We were hosted by Áslaug Magnúsdóttir and Sascha Tueni on the Svefneyjar Islands in Iceland.

The Svefneyjar islands are located in Breiðafjörður, Iceland’s most famous habitat for diverse species of seaweed. We had previously visited the fjord as part of our Nordplus collaboration, when we spend some time in Nyp, with the students and staff from Iceland (see session 1). This time, we were invited by by Áslaug Magnúsdóttir and her husband Sascha Tueni.

Áslaug and Sascha had bought the islands only a few years earlier and we had a lot of inspiring conversations about how to become stewards of the ecosystem there.

Between our planning sessions, we collected and identified the local seaweeds and taught each other the pedagogical methods we developed during the project and their benefits: Snorkeling, seaweed crafting, underwater filming, photography and improvised exhibition formats. 


The time together allowed us to get an overview of our diverse results, reflect and record what is still missing and plan how to share our outcomes. It also gave us the opportunity to discuss possible future projects and expand our algae-network with new members.


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